Here are some of my patents and patent applications during my years at Google and BlackBerry. The inventions are primarily around following areas:

  • Motion sensor applications
  • Sensor fusion algorithms
  • Context awareness and machine intelligence

Suspicious portable device movement determination

Type: Grant
Issued: Oct 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9792462
Summary: A system and method to determine suspicious movement of a portable device are disclosed. A determination is made that an update received by a local device was sent from a remote device different than the local device. Based on determining the suspicious movement, a notification of unauthorized device movement is provided.

Method and system for detection and resolution of frustration with a device user interface

Type: Application
Issued: Jun 4, 2016
Publication Number: 20170293417
Summary: A method for user interface interaction on a computing device, the method including detecting frustration with a user interface interaction on the computing device

Message correction and updating system and method, and associated user interface operation

Type: Application
Issued: May 20, 2016
Publication Number: 20170337176
Summary: Message corrections are effected on a user electronic device using a touch-based user interface.

Methods and devices for controlling camera image capture

Type: Grant
Issued: Sep 29, 2015
Patent Number: 9148567
Summary: Analyzing the movement captured by the motion sensor to control and select consecutive images captured by a camera.

Electronic device and method of providing digital photograph information

Type: Application
Issued: Sep 15, 2015
Publication Number: 20170078363
Summary: A method of providing information relating to a digital photograph on an electronic device

Device with touch screen false actuation prevention

Type: Grant
Issued: Apr 7, 2015
Patent Number: 9001039
Summary: Combing proximity, motion sensors and touch panel signals to prevent unintended touch events during a phone call.

Performing an action associated with a motion based input

Type: Application
Filed: May 28, 2013
Publication Number: 20140354527
Summary: Detecting and interpreting a motion of the computing device to perform certain gesture input on the device.