Owl Reminder for Google Calendar™


Owl Reminder for Google Calendar™

A handy small app for Google Calendar reminder

Owl Reminder can connect your Google Calendar and provide desktop notification for events.

Compared with existing solutions it has several advantages:

  1. Instant push notification while most other solutions use infrequent polling which can have long delay.
  2. Caches events offline so reminder still works even if there is no internet connection.
  3. A simple to-do list kind of UI with snooze and dismiss buttons. People can use it as simple task management tool.
  4. Supports rich notification with snooze, location and hangout buttons for extra convenience.

Update History:

v1.8 Improve push notification efficiency
v1.7 Fixed all-day event display and add offline-supported flag
v1.6 Fixed an issue with invalid/expired token
v1.5 Add ™ in Google Calendar
v1.4 Improve online/offline status detection
v1.3 Fixed a small bug where storage mismatch from previous version causes wrong online and idle status.
v1.2 Disable notification when idle. Solve background polling issue.
v1.1 Add push notification support
v1.0 UI tweaks in option page; Fix connect status bug
v0.9 Add rich notification button for snooze, location and hangout chat
v0.8 Support Windows re-sizing; Show all-day event differently
v0.7 Update the icon and name
v0.6 Update the UI with color icons
v0.5 Show hangout video link if available; Skip updating if device is locked or idle for a while.
v0.4 Fix calendarId URL encoding bug.

Privacy Policy:

Our app does not collect or share any of your personal information or credentials. We use Google Calendar API to access and retrieve the calendar events and utilize Chrome Identity API to provide the secure user authentication.



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